Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to, a game that lets you take control of your own Mafia Empire. In this game, you have all the possibilities to become to the most respected mobster. You can do this by growing your little town into a very powerful city where you generate lots of cash. But how to get there? Let’s look at a Beginner’s Guide on how to get started in this game.

The ultimate Mafia Empire

One of the first tasks you have to undertake is to collect a decent income. You can do this through buildings, but in the beginning, it is important to start with doing criminal activities. It will help you gain cash and XP. You do crimes and car robberies in the “Criminal Activities” tab.

Try to do crimes in ‘The Ghetto’ and get all the crimes mastered (100%). Keep doing the crime ‘Rob a neighbor’ every minute to gain cash and XP. It will require you 1 – 3 Health for every crime, but it will give you a maximum of 5 000 cash every minute, which is decent. Don’t forget to upgrade your Hospital to get more health. Or buy health packs for cash in the shop.

All activities mastered in ‘The Ghetto’

The next job to do is to buy ‘Timers’. Timers help you to do tasks simultaneously (such as upgrading, buildings, robbing cars, or doing crimes). Try to use your free diamonds to buy timers. Ideally, you have as many timers as possible. They will also come in handy later in the game.

Now that you have bought timers, it’s time to upgrade your buildings in your Empire. Only upgrade buildings when you are planning to go offline. When your timers are used to upgrade buildings, you can not do any criminal activities.

The first thing to upgrade is the Money Press. The Money Press gives you a specific amount of in-game cash, and upgrading the structure lets you collect more income as the Press’ levels go up. Upgrading takes a certain amount of time.

Upgrading Money Press

If you don’t like to wait, you can skip the process by using diamonds. Note: don’t use too many diamonds in the early game. You need those diamonds to unlock buildings, such as the Gemstones Factory. For this, you need to win 500 diamonds in the casino’s Slot Machine (not necessarily in 1 spin). Try to gamble a couple of diamonds every time and win slowly but steadily the 500 diamonds. The Gemstones Factory is a great additional way to generate more cash in your Empire, because it works like the Money Press and also generates Gemstones that you can sell.

Gemstones Factory

There is a “Guild” function in, called “Family”. You can easily join Families by bringing up the Family Menu from the bottom of the screen, and picking which Family you want to join. Having a Family is advantageous because you can jointly attack opponents that annoy you or the other members. You can also pool together Meth, which you can cook in your Meth lab, and sell the accumulated Meth supply for money. Try to join a family which is active, or even better, start your own Family with 50 diamonds on Level 10.

Starting your own family

Another task that you can do is to attack other mobster. You can do this through a campaign, where you simply attack AI opponents of various levels. The game also has a PvP function, through which you can attack the troops of other players. Take note – they can attack you as well.

Attack in PvP

As a Mafiosi in this game, you will need to purchase troops. Your troops serve to augment your prowess in battle, so you can easily defeat enemies while avoiding being defeated yourself. The more troops you have, the more Mafia power you will have.

Different troops

You can give your troops weapons that you can buy in the shop. And don’t forget to upgrade your troops in the Mafia Mansion to get additional Mafia power.

Equipment in shop

This was it for the Beginner’s Guide. Hopefully, you found it useful. For more information about the game, you can always take a look at this website.

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